January 2016 – Present


  • Developed an innovation framework tailored to iMentor’s needs, building the organization’s capacity to gather stakeholder feedback and pilot initiatives new while minimizing risk.
  • Designed and managed the 2016-2017 program improvement process, gathering stakeholder feedback, developing concepts, testing prototypes, building consensus, and executing the concepts that created the biggest return on investment.
  • Served as the project manager for Portfolio, a new product on the iMentor platform that was rolled out to hundreds of staff and 12,000 students and mentors.
  • Conceived and implemented ideation software (Kindling) to collect ideas and build consensus among the entire staff.
  • Developed and executed a mentor training strategy based on user research and a mentor training needs assessment, which allowed us to increase our efficiency and the quality of our training and support.
  • Managed the Service and Instructional Design Manager.


July 2014 – Dec 2015


  • As iMentor expanded to multiple cities, I conceived and piloted new learning initiatives: expert office hours, e-learning courses, a staff knowledge base, webinars, etc.
  • Designed and facilitated foundational trainings to all staff members on the iMentor model.
  • Designed and built interactive e-learning courses for internal departments and national partners by using Storyline Articulate, Articulate Online, Replay, and Photoshop and then managed those courses through our learning management system.
  • Designed and built student and volunteer facing training materials, including whiteboard videos, podcasts, webinars, and slide presentations.
  • Selected to participate in iLead, iMentor’s leadership training program.


Jan 2013 – June 2014


  • Created the iMentor Learning Center, a searchable, online library of all our resources so partner organizations can access self-service support 24/7, simultaneously increasing our efficiency and quality of support.
  • Led strategy calls with partners as they implemented iMentor’s program model.
  • Designed and facilitated in-person and virtual trainings to onboard partners to our program model and best practices.
  • Conducted site visits and observations to and provide feedback to partners on their execution of our program model.
  • Designed a year long e-learning curriculum to train national partners in an effective, efficient, & scalable way.
  • Developed a streamlined, collaborative process for course and resource development, using project management software (Trello) to track and manage the projects and facilitate collaboration across the organization.

Storyline Labs

Jun 2009 – August 2015


  • Designed and built websites for 50+ clients using Photoshop, Freeway Pro, and WordPress.
  • Consulted with clients to define marketing positions and develop unique branding statements.
  • Created and shaped client portfolio materials and multimedia content to align with client brand.
  • Hired and managed another designer as the company grew.


Nov 2011 – Jan 2013


  • Headed the creative arm of an innovative start up and was responsible for building core PR/Marketing strategies, staffing/managing web and design teams, and implementing visual brand.
  • Managed company WordPress blog by performing interviews, writing content, recruiting contributors, and promoting this content through social media channels.
  • Collaborated with filmmakers and producers to create unique campaign strategies for their films.
  • Provided platform support to clients and communicated user experience feedback to developers.

Rutgers University

NY Film Academy

Jun 2006 – Jul 2011


  • Designed scope and sequence and lesson plans for Basic Acting, Advanced Acting, Scene Study, Audition Technique, and Improv.
  • Demonstrated artistic techniques and led classroom discussions.
  • Evaluated and graded students’ class studio work, performances, and papers.