“Josh lives and breathes innovation and design. As his manager for the past two years, I’ve witnessed how Josh’s unrelenting commitment to excellence and design thinking has pushed us to think differently about how we work. The evidence of this commitment is not only showing up in his own work, but in the work of his team and others throughout the org as he leads the way to better approaches to solving complex challenges.

As his colleague, I’m learning from Josh constantly. Whether a new product to address a current pain point, a new process to solve a complex and messy problem, or just an idea to inject new life into old projects, Josh always has a great idea or a process to help us generate one or five.

Josh has been and will undoubtedly continue to be a true game changer for any team, company or organization fortunate enough to be working with him.”

Albert Kim

Managing Director Program Design, iMentor

“I consider Josh the ‘ideas guy’. He consistently draws on his knowledge of design, technology, psychology, education, and project management to recommend just the right strategy. It’s a rare skill, and it’s what makes Josh invaluable. His creativity plays a big role here, since it’s an art to find a solution attractive to all stakeholders, but still useful, elegant, and powerful. In addition to his great ideas and broad knowledge, Josh has strong principles and is willing to advocate for ideas when he knows it’s best for the company, the product, and the users.”

Ben Robinson

Senior Product Design Manager, iMentor

“I continue to be impressed by Josh’s excellent project management skills and his ability to achieve high quality work with great efficiency. Josh is skilled at collaborating across teams, connecting the dots and thinking about initiatives in relation to the larger picture and identifying new opportunities for increasing organizational capacity. His skills, ideas and enthusiasm has been invaluable to our team, partners and organization.”

Hanh Tran

Senior Director of Partnerships, iMentor

“Josh is one of the smartest, most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s a creative thinker, and he consistently develops thoughtful solutions to difficult problems. Every single thing he does, he attacks with inspiring energy and passion.

Josh is a perfectionist. He cares about everything he does down to the finest detail. He’s also a doer. He won’t sit back and wait for things to happen. In my experience, he’ll simply make them happen. If something needs to be known, and no one on the team knows it, Josh will take it upon himself to learn it. He’s the kind of person who makes the people around him better. I learned a great deal from working with him. When I have the opportunity to discuss a problem or seek advice, he is still my first phone call.

At Passerby, he made vital contributions to a team facing many difficult challenges. Letting him get away was perhaps our biggest mistake as a company. He excels at connecting dots in ways that few people can. When faced with any task, he’ll relentlessly pursue the optimal solution. When iMentor called me to discuss hiring Josh, I told them that if they hired him, he would quickly become one of the most impactful people in their organization. I would offer the same prediction to any company interested in working with Josh.”

Todd Metheny

Lead Software Developer, Clutch Prep

“Josh is an energetic, creative thinker who excels at developing and implementing new initiatives. He is skilled at presenting complicated material and ideas to people in a way that is engaging and easily understood. Josh is a true team player and works hard to make sure projects are a collaborative effort that people are excited to work on. Josh is dedicated to doing top-quality work at every turn and is pleasure to work with.”

Adrienne Kupper

Senior Director, College Board

“When you decide to work with Josh, you acquire more than a web designer. You acquire a true and rare personal advocate. With his remarkable powers of observation, his ability to listen empathetically and keenly and with curiosity, he quickly sees to the essence of what makes the client’s work unique and full of extraordinary worth. And then he communicates that warmth. He communicates it with good taste and integrity, ingenuity and enthusiasm. Josh has aesthetic vision, common-sense, and a finely-tuned barometer for what works and what doesn’t and why. I love the work Josh did in creating my website, and even better, the process of getting there was a true pleasure. Josh is trustworthy, talented, thoughtful, collaborative, and seems to bring depth and personal commitment to all he undertakes.”

Anya Saffir