I’m an innovation designer.

I help organizations solve challenges, discover opportunities and create new value through a rigorous and systematic innovation process.

This seemingly simple innovation process actually packs a big punch. It’s flexible enough to apply to any tough challenge – those challenges that are messy and don’t have clear solutions. It is also consistent, so cycling through it builds your capacity to innovate in a systematic and reliable way – making sure you aren’t reinventing the ole process wheel every time a new challenge pops up.

1. Discover

This phase is all about having a clear understanding of the current reality, including organizational priorities as well as your stakeholders’ pains and potential gains.

2. Ideate

Now that everyone agrees on the current reality, this phase allows you to explore all that is possible.

3. Experiment

Every new idea comes with a few leaps of faith, so this phase is all about managing risk by testing and refining your ideas with your stakeholders.

4. Evolve

With enough confidence to move forward from your experiments, this phase is about further developing your ideas into working solutions.

5. Launch

Finally, you launch your innovation into the real world and monitor outcomes.

I have 8+ years experience designing and delivering effective content with measurable results. Instructional design, knowledge management, training, change management, project management, e-learning, podcasts, webinars, web design, user experience, learning systems, collaborating, and relationship building.

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